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ERI International, Inc.


ERII and its partner company All Hands Consulting is a large consortium of over 1,200 consultants working together to provide a unique outsourcing resource. ERII and All Hands members combine the talents of leading emergency, crisis, and business continuity management experts from North America and around the world.  Our consultants average over 25 years of experience each in the development of industry standard emergency, crisis, and business continuity management programs.

ERII utilizes its extensive network of seasoned consultants to provide highly reputable personnel with proven skills that match the requirements of each assignment. We work cooperatively with our clients and each other to ensure the best in service delivery. ERII has created a seamless structure, providing a balanced team of personnel who can address a broad spectrum of client needs. ERII members support each other through synergistic strategies that provide our clients with:

Unlimited flexibility and customization of services

Capability and capacity to handle any project - large or small

Access to experts on an as-need basis

Unparalleled depth of subject matter expertise

Overall cost savings and low overhead

Our Mission

Our mission is to build mutually valued relationships with our clients and colleagues based on integrity, professional expertise, and state-of-the-art deliverables in all areas of Comprehensive Emergency Management and Homeland Security.

Our Practice: Comprehensive Emergency Management

A Comprehensive Emergency Management Program (CEMP) is a broad practice area that addresses all hazards (including terrorism) and includes all phases of emergency management and homeland security (mitigation, preparedness, protection, prevention, response and recovery).  A CEMP is required for day-to-day disruptions and maintaining continuity of operations as well as for managing response to and recovery from large-scale emergencies. A sound program is needed to enable a community or a business to deal with any emergency. All Hands provides CEMP support based on a comprehensive collection of experts and services that address all program elements.  Our approach to program development is based on current industry standards and best practices. Program details are recorded and framed into a jurisdiction's comprehensive emergency management plan (also CEMP).